About Us

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I'm With The Band is a line of headwear made with love in Los Angeles. We take inspiration from original style icons and rock n' roll and blend it with our passion for health and wellness. We’re passionate about and inspired by music, style, individuality, nature, travel, being kind, spreading love, practicing daily movement, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, positivity and spreading good vibes. Each of our products is born from these inspirations. We are committed to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. We meticulously source fabrics that are beautiful to wear and touch. We buy limited amounts of each of our fabrics to keep our selection new and fresh therefore each of our pieces is special and unique to it’s wearer. We love making headwear for our #BabesInBands and hope they inspire your daily lives as much as they do ours. Our hair accessories are perfect for any occasion from your workout to a night out.