Rose Scarf Slide Talisman
Rose Scarf Slide Talisman Rose Scarf Slide Talisman Rose Scarf Slide Talisman Rose Scarf Slide Talisman Rose Scarf Slide Talisman
$ 495.00
Created in collaboration with JJ Julius Son of KALEO. We teamed up with Whiskey & Bone to design and craft an exclusive, highly limited collection of scarf slides. These pieces are handcrafted from .925 sterling silver and feature genuine stones. It's important to note that each item is one-of-a-kind, given their distinct hand-formed and forged nature.

The rose design is our most exclusive piece as there were quite literally a handful of these gorgeous slides made. Each rose has been created from a sheet of sterling silver that has been cut down and sculpted into form. These roses are made of .925 sterling silver. Each slide features a piece of genuine onyx placed in a scalloped setting.

Every single slide has been handmade from beginning to end. Each piece started out from sheets of sterling silver. After designs were created, each individual part was sawed out, sanded, carefully soldered together, polished and treated with patina, then polished again to give it the final look.

Due to the limited edition nature of this product no refunds or exchanges will be accepted. For quickest and most reliable international shipping we suggest using UPS or DHL services. For your peace of mind we highly encourage you to purchase the Route shipping protection insurance. 

These pieces should be placed on our silk scarves very carefully. We recommend covering them with your hand when sliding up or down to prevent snagging delicate fabric. PRO TIP: Once your slide is in position, tie your scarf in a small knot underneath the slide for extra security!